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Who We Are

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Mountedwings Cyber-Systems Ltd is an Information Technology Company that specializes in software development, hardware programming, website development and ICT training. We strive to provide high quality information technology services to individuals, communities, government, companies, establishments and so on. We are located in Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria.
We strive to foster and maintain solid relationships with our clients, fine tune their services, and continue to develop innovative solutions that will improve the way our clients do carry out day to day operations

We are best known for offering the following services:

  • Software Development
  • Website/Web Application Development
  • Hardware programming

Tech is our passion, a tool we use to change things around the world. Don't be left out, get in touch for your solution


What we do best

Desktop Application Development

Want to control and perform tasks easily just with a click of a button?
We are just perfect for creating the desktop application you need.

Mobile Application Development

Need a mobile app? you are at the right place. Remember we are not only concerned with getting it to work but giving it a nice look too.

Website/Web Application Development

Having a website aid your clients to access you anywhere. Want your presence felt globally? Let us give you a professional look on the internet.

Hardware Programming

Computers can be used to control machines and devices. We develop Arduino and MikroC programs.

Why choose us?

Every day, consistency is the key. Mountedwings Cyber-Systems Ltd is dedicated to each and every job – down to the very last detail. It is this tenacity, attention and focus to detail on each and every project that defines the success of this organization.

We believe that a commitment to meet all our obligations punctually, honestly and honorably will make us dependable when it comes to IT services.

We hold the following in high esteem:


We aim at giving you high quality services. With our experts on ground you can get the best of services.

Friendly Designs

We are not only concerned with getting it to work but giving it the best look too.

Affordable Pricing

Our services and products though highly efficient are offered at affordable rates.

Latest Deal

Don't be stopped by the high cost of owning a site any more!
With 5k per month, you can now own your site

Charge covers:

  • Domain name
  • Hosting
  • Development
  • Maintenance (we will make sure your site is always up and running)
  • Customized emails

Message from our CEO

We only smile when you smile!
In business, customer satisfaction is our priority. We are out to empower your business, we are out to see you reach your apex so we work hard to provide the IT support you need.
There is nothing as annoying as when a product is not working (tech wise) hence we are always on our toes to make sure our solutions don’t become a pain to our customers

Give us a try today and you will be glad you did.

--Adu Lawrence

If you can think it, we can code it!

At Mountedwings, we believe in the power of Information Technology (IT) to change the world. We dont believe in impossibilities, we strongly believe that anything is possible.

Do you have an idea you are scared of mentioning to someone? you are at the right place. We make impossibilities possible

With our expert team on ground, we bring your dreams to reality

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We have good software put together for your use, select anyone to download


  • Compile results
  • Generate results
  • School fees payment
  • Keep students records
  • Track students' records
  • Parents, Teachers and Students interaction
  • Administration
  • And lots more...
Coming Soon


  • Easily make sales
  • Keep records of sales
  • Track sales
  • Manage stock
  • Interact with customers
  • Profit/Loss analysis
  • Manage staff(HRM)
  • And lots more...
Coming Soon


  • Patients' registration
  • Patients' medical history
  • Appointment management
  • Laboratory management
  • Pharmacy management
  • Accounts
  • Human resource management (HRM)
  • And lots more...
Coming Soon

Creating the Future

No more waiting for the future

We create solutions that make life eesier
The future is here!